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Melly, after years of personal struggle, has dedicated herself to creating a supportive community for neurodivergent individuals. She began this mission with the launch of her podcast, “The NeuroMelly Show” and is now continuing her work through this event. The event will provide a safe space for neurodivergent individuals to access tools and resources that can help improve their success in life.


Speakers will gather to inspire, empower, and educate you!

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Our speakers

Our event will feature speakers who will share their perspectives and experiences related to neurodiversity and how it can be positively impactful in their life. They will also provide insights and strategies to improve self-advocacy and access to resources that can support your unique needs and talents.

Melly Moore

Founder and Host

Mathé-Manuel Daigneault
Neurodivergence and gender & sexual diversity
Melissa St-Louis - Fran Delhoume

Neurodiversity and entrepreneurship

Julie Savage-Fournier

Neurodivergent and efficient work, is it even possible?

Nathalie Bertrand

Raise your unique flag high.

Rola Helou
Accommodating Neurodivergent Individuals in the Workplace.

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This event is open to all! You do not need to be neurodivergent to attend! Awareness, means sharing to anyone that wants to learn and understand neurodiversity! When you buy you will get the recorded (Replay) conferences (with caption in English and French) filmed by a television crew, to give you the perfect experience at home! You will also be able to have the PowerPoints and audio to listen anywhere you want! Prices are in USD!

Tickets to attend in person are no longer available through the form! Please send an Interac e-Transfer or PayPal payment of CAD 70 to melly@neuromelly.com to reserve your spot. Any remaining tickets will also be available for sale at the door. However, there is no guarantee of availability. This message will disappear when all seats are sold out!

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As research increasingly confirms what we have long known within marginalized communities, it is crucial that we address the unique needs and experiences of those who identify as both neurodivergent and 2SLGBTQIA+. This includes addressing questions such as where to find services that cater to both identities, how to navigate being part of multiple vulnerable groups, and the ways in which neurodivergent conditions such as ADHD, autism, and giftedness intersect with and impact one’s queerness, and vice versa.
Neurodiversity awareness is gaining more and more place in the public discourse. We see it, among other things, with organizations requesting specific training on the subject, we see more people advocating for them self’s and their peers. But we are also seeing some pretty interesting things when it comes to entrepreneurship. What we knew by simply witnessing it: the fact that so many entrepreneurs seem to be part of different minorities… Is being backed by new data! And we should definitely talk about it. What does this mean for the entrepreneurial ecosystem, how can we effectively foster this talent? How can we dream of a better, more inclusive future with this in mind?
There are so many ways to adapt work to benefit from the strengths of neurodiversity and mitigate the challenges. Most of them are not even costly, nor difficult to implement. The obstacle is : we do not know about them. This conference will cover minor accommodations and good habits that can have a significant impact on your productivity and the ability to collaborate in a neurodiverse team.
Being comfortable and proud of one’s neurodivergent differences is crucial in promoting inclusion and valuing neurodiversity. This includes educating others about the unique strengths and experiences of neurodivergent individuals and advocating for accommodations that support their full participation in all aspects of life. By celebrating and valuing neurodiversity, we can create a more inclusive and equitable society.

This workshop will explore the concept of accommodation and will provide practical tools for employers to create more inclusive workspaces. From the law, to IEPs and Universal Design!

Will not be recorded, in person only.

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